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    Stéphane Lépine 

    Born 1968 in Lyon (France)
    Painter, drawer, photographer
    Currently living and working close to Freiburg (Germany)
    Exploring naturalness and prettiness through portraits and nudes
    This blog contains a selection of my favourite pictures.
    Many thanks to Isabel, Anka, Johanna, Kathrin, Galina, Stella, Gesine, Selina, Celia, Sarah, Samantha, Jennifer, Katharina, Maria, Sara, Isabell, Sissi, Petra, Gina, Martina, Cecilia, Marie-Luise, Jana, Svenja, Juliana, Irina, Aline, Natascha, Ines, Annika, Steffi, Sophia, Peggy, Michelle, Elke, Dilara, Sonja, Anne, Olivia, Katja, Aljona, Yraine … for their grace and beauty.


    all these pictures are mine